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402-lab10 - Lab 10 GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology(2012...

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Lab 10 GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology (2012) Carbonate Thin-sections 3: Temperate Limestones Oolite grainstones in thin section (field of view for each approximately 2 mm). From Williams, H., Turner, F.J and Gilbert, C.M., 1954. Petrography. W.H. Freeman & Co., 406pp. Introduction: Temperate shelf carbonates are very different from their tropical counterparts in terms of both allochem composition and diagenesis (this you will learn about next week). Gone are the ooids, intraclasts, peloids and “mud” that form in warm water conditions. Instead, get ready for mollusks, barnacles, bryozoans and non-carbonate grains (e.g., quartz and feldspar). Lab exercise (do in your note books, not re-doable): A list of temperate shelf limestone thin- sections that will be available in the lab is provided below. None have hand specimens this week. I would like you to look at one of these coveted, rare and unique thin-sections (in fact all of you should show your respect to them by never turning your back to them in the lab), and produce a petrography summary page in your hard covered note book using the standard format. Be sure to
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