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ASTR 160: Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics Class Sessions Click session titles below to access audio, video, and course materials. 1. Introduction 2. Planetary Orbits 3. Our Solar System and the Pluto Problem 4. Discovering Exoplanets: Hot Jupiters 5. Planetary Transits 6. Microlensing, Astrometry and Other Methods 7. Direct Imaging of Exoplanets Midterm Exam 1 8. Introduction to Black Holes 9. Special and General Relativity 10. Tests of Relativity 11. Special and General Relativity (cont.) 12. Stellar Mass Black Holes 13. Stellar Mass Black Holes (cont.) 14. Pulsars 15. Supermassive Black Holes Midterm Exam 2 16. Hubble's Law and the Big Bang 17. Hubble's Law and the Big Bang (cont.) 18. Hubble's Law and the Big Bang (cont.)
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