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Approaches in Psychology Jwayyed Psy-101 1. If we were to take the biological approach to “my” anxiety, the psychologist would go forth as such: First, he would give me a quick physical; blood tests, reflex exams, blood pressure and heart rate, etc. If they correlated with my anxiety, such as high blood pressure, abnormal heart rates, hormonal imbalances, or mechanical obstructions that would agitate my anxiety, he/she would proceed with the proper medication or treatment. 2. If the psychologist practiced a different perspective, let’s say the cognitive approach, the process would be different to the above method. The psychologist would ask questions that would allow me to cognitively evaluate my thought processes. A few questions regarding my anxiety would be : a. “Do you have any phobias, or fears?” b. “What bothers you?” c. “Are you having troubles at work/school/ or at home?” Depending on my answers the psychologist would then proceed to make me reconsider the validity of my worries, or offer alternative mnemonic devices
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