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BAG Speech - Hey everyone my name is Helal Jwayyed Helal...

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Hey everyone, my name is Helal Jwayyed. Helal, meaning “crescent moon” and Jwayyed meaning “The generous one” in arabic, but friends call me Hal. I have here a bag, just like all of you. The bag has a few items inside that let you know what type of person I am. But just like the cover of a book, or someone’s appearance, the first thing we see is what we use to judge its contents. This bag, for instance, is a simple computer bag. However, it’s nice, clean, and gets the job done, all while looking professional. That’s how I am, I like to try and look my best every day. I like to be as helpful and useful every day as much as I can. (Reach in bag and pull out nunchucks wrapped in the Palestinian flag) This wrap has the Palestinian flag on it. It represents my heritage. Both my mother’s and my father’s families are from the village of El Bireh. My mother was born in Virginia and my father in Palestine. I’m 3 rd generation Palestinian American, but I’m not one before the other. I represent my countries with pride, plural.
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