book review ch17-18 - Chapter 17: Outlet Selection Store...

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Chapter 17: Outlet Selection Store image A given consumer’s or target market’s perception of all the attributes associated with a retail outlet is generally referred to as the store image. Same as the concept of brand image. Both functional and affective dimensions. Nine dimensions and 23 components Merchandise, service, clientele, physical facilities, convenience, promotion, store atmosphere, institutional, post transaction. (Store atmosphere)-congeniality, fun, excitement, and comfort Store Atmosphere is influenced by such attributes as lighting, layout, presentation of merchandise, fixtures, floor coverings, colors, sounds, odors, and the dress and behavior of sales and service personnel. ஫ҙɿ A major component of store atmosphere is the number, characteristics, and the behavior of other customers. Store brands Store brands-high quality and reasonable price. Spillover sales Sales of additional items to customers who came to purchase an advertised item are referred to as spillover sales. External & internal reference price Reference price is a price with which other prices are compared. “ regularly 9.9 , now 6.9” External reference price is a price presented by a marketer for the consumer to use to compare with the current price. Internal reference price is a price or price range that a consumer retrieves from memory to compare with a price in the market. Retail attraction (gravitation) model Is use to calculate the level of store attraction based on store size and distance from the consumer. Store size is measured in square footage and assumed to be a measure of breadth of merchandise. The distance or travel time to a store is assumed to be a
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book review ch17-18 - Chapter 17: Outlet Selection Store...

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