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English written in a hieroglyphic writing system Each character can function in 3 different ways: 1) Logogram: A character that stands for a specific word, such as R for 'light'. Bear in mind that logograms are not necessarily iconic, though in the examples below most of them are. 2) Phonetic symbol: A symbol that stands for a sound or a set of sounds. In the case of hieroglyphs, a phonetic symbol represents the consonants that occur in the word represented by the corresponding logogram. For example, the logogram R stands for the word 'light'. 'light' includes the consonants [l] and [t], so when used as a phonetic symbol, R can stand for those two consonants in any other word. The word R Y 'fidelity' has nothing to do with light but it contains the character R to represent its final two consonants. 3) Determinant: When used as a determinant, a symbol does not stand for any sounds but gives some indication of what the whole word means. For example, the word
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Unformatted text preview: ^ R 'lamp' does not end in the consonants [l] and [t], so R cannot have any phonetic value here. Instead, it indicates that the whole word has a meaning that has something to do with light, while the first two characters indicate that the word contains the consonants [l], [m] and [p]. 1 kt 'cat' 9 R Y fdlt 'fidelity' 2 dg 'dog' 10 u2 mtlf 'meatloaf' 3 fd 'food' 11 Rh ltr 'litter' 4 R lt 'light' 12 ^ R lmp 'lamp' 5 h r 'row' 6 u mtl 'metal' 7 h ktr 'cater' 8 hu dgr 'dagger' For each of the following symbols, fill in whether it is used as a logogram, a determinant or phonetically. If a symbol is used phonetically, also indicate what sounds it represents. Symbol # Det. Log. Phon. Sound of Phon. Symbol # Det. Log. Phon. Sound of Phon. 1 X u 10 X mtl 7 X kt u 8 X 11 X 2 10 X f 9 X fd 8 X dg 10 X Y 9 X...
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