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How Dependent are We on Technology

How Dependent are We on Technology - How Dependent are We...

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How Dependent are We on Technology? In these modern times, people are completely dependent on technology . At first, people only needed technology to aid them in their everyday routines. Now technology is used almost every day and almost everyone depends on it. Some people need technology to get through a day comfortably. Children and adults alike use computers , game consoles and they watch television every day. They are bored and almost helpless if they do not get their daily dose of it. Therefore , it is true that people in the modern age are dependent on technology. Every day, most of the world’s population use some form of technology every day. Before all the modern technology were invented, people would do things a different way. People would write a letter and go to a nearby mailbox to deliver it. Now people can just use messengers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or Windows Live Messenger, which is commonly known as MSN. The mailbox is becoming seriously underused, replaced by instant messengers. This might cause the mailbox to become endangered or extinct.
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  • Spring '08
  • Buddin
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