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FORMAL_INFORMAL_STYLE - Elimination of...

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WRITING STYLE Use Effect Characteristics Formal Controversial or complex reports (especially to outsiders Impression of objectivity, accuracy, professionalism, fairness Distance created between writer and reader Absence of first-person pronouns; use of third person ( the consultant, the CFO, the committee) Absence of contractions (can’t, don’t) Use of passive-voice verbs (the problem was investigated) Complex sentences; long words Absence of humor and figures of speech Reduced use of colorful adjectives and adverbs
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Unformatted text preview: Elimination of “editorializing (writer’s opinions, perceptions) Informal Short, routine reports for Company insiders Noncontroversial reports Feeling of warmth, personal involvement, closeness Use of first- person pronouns (I, we, me, my, us, our) Use of contractions Emphasis on active-voice verbs (I investigated the issue) Shorter sentences; familiar words Occasional use of humor, metaphors Occasional use of colorful speech Acceptance of writer’s opinions and ideas...
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