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Formal Oral Presentation Each group will give one formal presentation. Formal presentations will be 20 minutes including questions and answers. Evaluation will be based on organization, content, and delivery. Each group member will be graded individually. An absence means a zero. Groups will meet the oral presentation requirement by presenting one of the individual cases or the group report. On the due date for the case assignments, one or two selected groups will give a formal presentation. Presenting groups will work collaboratively to prepare a presentation of the material. On the presentation day, each presenting group will be assigned
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Unformatted text preview: a Challenge Group and a Peer Review Group. The Challenge Group will be responsible for asking questions during the Q&A session. Questions should be focused on the conclusions and recommendations presented by the group. In other words, questions should be directed towards the reasoning and technical material that supports the presenting group’s decisions. The Evaluation Group will identify the strong presentation skills and what needs to be improved using the Oral Presentation Evaluation Form. The Challenge and Evaluation Group members will receive 0-2 peer review points. ______________ Source: ACCT351Com Syllabus Fa 2009...
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