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ACCT 351COM Strategies for Chapter Presentations What concepts need additional explanation or discussion for understanding? How could the concepts be applied to the assessment letter (Ms. Amelia Emerson)? How can the chapter information be applied to the current writing assignment? Can the chapter information be applied to past writing assignments to aid in making revisions? Are any of the chapter or end-of-chapter exercises appropriate for a class activity? Can the chapter content be linked to the Gregg Reference Manual? Can you write appropriate quiz questions to highlight important information?
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Unformatted text preview: One of the most popular activities has been a game using quiz questions. In the past, students have modified the following games: Traditional Games Spin the Wheel Pin the Tail on the Donkey Hot Potato Tic Tack Toe Basketball Baseball Board Game Paddle Ball Egg Hunt Golf (Putting) Musical Chairs (Freeze) Monopoly Crossword Puzzles MS PowerPoint Hosted-Games Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Let’s Make a Deal Weakest Link Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Hollywood Squares Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy Concentration The Price is Right Family Feud Survivor...
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