Biology Exam 2 Review Janes

Biology Exam 2 Review Janes - Biology Exam 2 Review Janes...

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Biology Exam 2 Review Janes Photosynthesis Chapter 9 Light Electromagnetic Spectrum Gamma Rays invisible Light, Visible Light energy trapped by pigments and move to higher energy level Chlorophyll A, B, Carentoids Magnesium on the inside Difference B/W Absorption and Action Spectrum Photosynthesis is redox reactions Where do electrons come from where does oxygen come from Light Dependant Groups Carbon Fixation where does it occur what does it do Structure of a chloroplast Photosystem Reaction Center Series of Oxidation Reduction Reaction Photosystem 1 - reaction center pigment Photosystem 2- reacton center pigment cyclic non cyclic electron transport whats going on whats produced how do we make atp- build up protons in thylakoid membrane Calvin Cycle
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Rudp, Pga, G3p C3 pathway Rubisco can act as an oxygenase Certain plants can overcome photorespiration -C4 plants Chlorophyll consists of a ring? Which is not associated with thlaykoid Photosynthesis whats reduced whats oxidized Chapter 21 and 23 Biodiversity Systematics Taxonomy Bionomial Nomenclature Hierachical System of Classification Six- kingdom System of Classification- Ancestry Evolutionary History How would you determine Evolutionary History Oparin and Haldane Chemical Evolution series of events we believed happend inorganic - monomer-polymers- first living cell RNA World Model Microspheres- formed from water and polypeptieds
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Biology Exam 2 Review Janes - Biology Exam 2 Review Janes...

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