expos paper 2 rough draft

expos paper 2 rough draft - Karim 1 Gres Karim ENG 355:...

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Karim 1 Gres Karim ENG 355: 101: MK Fall Semester 2011 “The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses” By: Juhani Pallasmaa vs. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” By: Nicholas Carr As technology advances and time passes by, the world is changing and renovating every single instant, while society adapts to these changes. These advancements shape today’s society and truly define a culture of intertwined generations. Essentially, technology has not only become a culture, but also a way of life. It is taking away from experiences where all the senses may be used and incorporating a strict ocular-centric culture. In Nicholas Carr’s essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he explains his opinion that “the rise of the PC brought about a temporary flourishing of individual creativity” which has “been lost with the shift away from PCs to the Net” (Carr 66). Juhani Pallasmaa explains in his essay, “The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses”, “Western culture has been dominated by an ocular-centric paradigm” (Pallasmaa 283). Pallasmaa explains how vision and modern architecture promote a sense of estrangement and detachment from the world, which Carr contributes to by explaining that the Internet does so, too. The internet is engraving an increased sense of laziness in the human mind by instantly gratifying information, creating a loss of intimacy with its over accessibility, and pulling away from the individuality that every human must obtain to seem less generic and uniform from others. It is true that technology is a simple and efficient way to access information, but the instant gratification that is received by technology is increasing the laziness in society. Short cuts have been incorporated into the Internet and they are the first attempt people
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2 use to obtain information. The Internet has become the modern library. Public libraries are less crowded nowadays and the Internet is where the traffic is. Nicholas Carr explains, As people’s minds become attuned to the crazy quilt of Internet media, traditional media have to adapt to the audience’s new expectations. Television programs add text crawls and pop-up ads, and magazines and
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expos paper 2 rough draft - Karim 1 Gres Karim ENG 355:...

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