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Alysse Johnson October 21, 2010 I became interested in the Can Do Society after I attended the seminar featuring Seth Godin that they conducted last year. I thought it was a great experience; the overall message of the seminar was to try to strive for the best and succeed in the most positive way possible as well as to stand out while doing it, something I continuously try to do in my own life. I also found out that two people I am friends with were members of the Can Do Society as well. These two things made me very interested in possibly joining the Can Do Society. After talking to more members of the Society, I found out how positive and encouraging of an environment they all create. I have always worked better in an encouraging environment with positive reinforcement.
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Unformatted text preview: Negativity has never been one of my traits, so it would be nice to be included in a group that can be positive rather than negative when trying to push toward better goals. The idea of a group that would allow me to set high goals for myself and then also to be positively encouraged to achieve those goals is a very enjoyable environment for me. Being around people who are similar to me and enjoy pushing themselves to be all that they can be is an environment of which I would like to be a part. I would like to work alongside people who will push themselves as much as I push myself to achieve all that we can as effectively and efficiently as possible....
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