Biotechnology and The Human Good

Biotechnology and The Human Good - Alysse Johnson...

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Alysse Johnson 4/27/2010 Biotechnology and The Human Good and ‘Extreme Measures’ Is it ethically correct to use people for experiments that could possibly help many others in the future if they end up being a success? In Biotechnology and The Human Good there is a quote that says, “there is a moral obligation to bring to bear whatever knowledge the physician possesses that will cure, heal, mitigate, or prevent disease.”(135) This leads people to believe that doctors should never do anything that would possible harm their patients. Then there is the idea of ‘the ends justifies the means’, which is another was to say that if many people survive a disease due to the sacrifice of one or a few then the end result validates the sacrifice or deaths of those people for the lives of the many after them. (135-136) Dr. Myrick would kill one person in order to cure cancer, he does almost the same thing in the movie ‘Extreme Measures’ to save people who’s spinal cords have been severed, leaving them paralyzed. He used a very utilitarian type way to choose his test subjects. They were healthy, homeless, and unwanted people who had no families to miss them. He would then run his experiments without their knowledge, ultimately killing them in the process of trying to re-grow the spinal cord and nerves that were severed. “The reason for this outcome is that according to a utilitarian perspective, what ultimately matters is the benefit itself (e.g., pleasure or preference satisfaction), not the individuals who benefit. Individuals whose existing imposes a burden on the whole… must be eliminated to improve the well-being of the whole.”(61) This justified Dr. Myricks
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Biotechnology and The Human Good - Alysse Johnson...

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