Biotechnology Ethics and Research

Biotechnology Ethics and Research - Alysse Johnson...

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Alysse Johnson Biotechnology and Society Final Biotechnology Ethics and Research All the works read, discussed, and examined during the semester have dealt with some influences of biomedical ethics and research. It was also discussed where it would be acceptable to spend money for biomedical research and biotechnologies. Many questions arise from the research and ethical applications apparent in these works. Such as, should people be looking for cures through biotechnology and medical research? Or should scientists be looking for the key to the human genome; which will not cure any diseases but it could help with the research of many other fields of study. Then if scientists can obtain the proper funds will they use the power of their discoveries with responsibility; or will they show no disregard and just focus on becoming rich and benefiting themselves from their discoveries. Research of human biology has been a big issue throughout the works discussed in class. There is the notion to do research just to understand the human genome, to find cures for diseases, or even as radical as to create a super human. In It Takes a Genome by Greg Gibson the human genome is being discussed and researched. Ultimately the conclusion of this book was that the human genome can only be understood so much. There are still many areas of genes that people can’t yet understand with the research we have now. Then some scientists patent the parts of the human genome that they do discover. This does not allow other parts of the genome to be put together and then understand as a whole because people ‘own’ parts of the human genome and do not wish to share their discoveries. From an accounting
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Biotechnology Ethics and Research - Alysse Johnson...

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