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career goals - was almost impossible for her to explain...

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Alysse Johnson What is your career goal and what experiences have led you to this choice? My career goals have changed a lot over the years, just like any other kid who grows up not knowing what he/she truly wants to do with his/her life. I’ve gone from wanting to be a lawyer to a judge, to a chef, to a psychiatrist, and then decided accounting was the real path I want to be on. I decided on accounting because I became interested in it after watching my mother, who is an accountant. She used to work full time when I was young so I never got a chance to really see what she did to become truly interested. Then one day she decided to quit her full time job and to only work part time out of the house so she could spend more time with her children. This is where I really got a good look at what she did as an accountant. I used to sit on the couch with her and ask tons of questions such as what is that, what’s it do, and what’s that for? She would always try to answer the questions I had, but as now being an accounting student, I realize why it
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Unformatted text preview: was almost impossible for her to explain completely the workings behind what she was doing: because I didn’t understand the whole new language that is accounting. My curiosity drove me to want to study accounting in college. Then while in the accounting program and learning a lot, I can now discuss with my mother the things that I used to only ask questions about. I have also decided that I may want to go more toward the auditing field of accounting. My goal is to find an internship my junior and senior year. Then to have a steady career path on its way in a big public accounting firm by the time I graduate. I have also recently decided to possibly add an economics major after spending three weeks in El Salvador where I studied the economics of a third world nation with a group of students to better understand its economic stand in the world. This truly interested me to want to study economics as well as accounting....
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career goals - was almost impossible for her to explain...

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