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Unformatted text preview: (1 t;,. \-/s\-i>../JJ ( rc- Ht'l#S P 2 . 2 { ) I h e h y d r a r r l i ca c k i n F i g . p 2 . 2 0 i s f i l l e ( lw i r h o i t l r i 56 lbfTlir.Ncglccting wcisht or U1c rhc two frslons.what tir|cc F on thc hnnrllcir .equjrcdro ,jupport l(X)(flbf thc \,"crght thir (lcsign? ti)r P 2 . . 1 | l l ) c \ ) \ l r r r l r r rF r ! P l l l r \ . r l l o ' ( ) \ u r I i r l P ( ) r n l\ L n h i r l l l i l h \ r l rr . . ( ( ) r r l p u l ct h . ) r . \ P2.20 ri.-!5 water tlows upward in a pipe slantedat 30;, as in I-ig. P2.15.The nrercurynanometer readsl, : l2 cm Borh p1 diftercnce fluidsu|e al l0'C. whllt is the p|essure in the prpcl t,2..tl P2.15 +)nr+ P2.54 ln Fig. Pl.5,l. Ihe hldrosrrticlorcc l'is the srrneon the holton ol-ull lhreec()nlniners. eventhoughthe reights ot lrqul(llbove iuc quitc diitcrcni.Th!- thrcc botlonlshape\ :rndthc Uuids rrc lhe slme. Ihis is c llcd the lwran(/ti(' hplain uhy it ir Irlc irndrlctch a ircc body of frl7a.r).\. r l c h o f r h c l i q u i dc o l u m n s . i]l] P2.5.t hingc(l P:.-;5 (;iLtc,1/3 Fig. I'J.55 s 5 it $i(1. nli) thc puner. in irl .1. irn(lrc\lril rird b\ ir 'lop rt /i. Thc $x1cris ut l0'C. rt C'onrfute thc lirrceon \()p B und (r) thc fexctions {i1) I i l t h e w r t c r d c p t hl = 9 . 5 t t . P2.55 ...
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