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334 Syllabus Review sp 2012 - professor expects of the...

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Name: ________________Ben Kim______________________ Syllabus Review (3pts) Assignments don’t come easier or swifter to complete than this one! The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you have read thoroughly and fully understood the syllabus, this course, and the plan for the semester. Note your answer by entering an X in the appropriate box below. Due January 26 th by 5pm via sakai. Strongly A gr ee (SA) Agree (A) Disagree (D) Strongly Di sa gr ee (SD) 1 The syllabus explains clearly the basics of the course such as the professor’s name, e-mail address, course title, office hours, and TA information. X 2 The syllabus provides a brief description of the course and the rationale for studying it. X 3 The syllabus explains the goals and learning strategies of the course in terms of what students can expect and what the
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Unformatted text preview: professor expects of the students. X 4 I now have an idea of how class meetings will be conducted and what will happen during classes. X 5 The factors that contribute to my final grade are clear. X 6 The assignment descriptions and due dates are noted clearly on the syllabus. X 7 Policies about matters such as attendance, participation, and acceptance of late assignments are clear. X 8 Do you have any questions about any aspect of the course, not addressed in the syllabus? X Questions or comments: Are the grades scaled at the end of the semester? I, ______Ben Kim______________________ acknowledge that I have read thoroughly and fully understand the syllabus. Date: ____________01/25/12____________...
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