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1 The University of Oklahoma School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering 100 East Boyd Street, T301 Sarkeys Energy Center, Norman, Oklahoma 73019-0628 (405) 325-2921, FAX (405) 325-7477 PE 4533-001 – APPLIED RESERVOIR ENGINEERING FALL 2011 INSTRUCTOR: FARUK CIVAN, Ph.D., Miller Chair Professor Office Telephone: 325-6778 Class Hours: Friday 8:30-11:20am SEC 2040 Office Hours: M and W 1:30– 2:45 p.m. SEC 1114 (Call 325-6778 for appointment for other times. E-mails are not accepted.) TEACHING ASSISTANT: Mohamed Mohamed, SEC 1310, Tuesday 11:00am-2:00pm IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1) PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF DR. FARUK CIVAN’S LECTURE NOTES, COURSE SYLLABUSES, HANDOUTS, HOMEWORKS, AND SEMESTER AND FINAL EXAMS ARE COPYRIGHT MATERIAL. THEY CANNOT BE REPRODUCED, RECORDED, AND COPIED IN ANY WAY OR FORM WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM DR. FARUK CIVAN. Copyright © 2003-2011 by Faruk Civan- All rights reserved. 2) USE OF PERSONAL COMPUTERS, ANY RECORDING DEVICES, CELL PHONES, AND ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING CLASS. They should be turned off. Cell phones should be kept in your pocket and not on the desk. 3) CELL PHONES should be turned off during visit to my office. Cell phones should be kept in your pocket and not on the desk. 4) You need to have paper and pen with you to take notes during visit to my office if you have any questions to discuss. DO NOT ASK FOR PAPER AND PEN.
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2 Course Number and name: 4533 Applied Reservoir Engineering GOALS AND OUTCOMES: This course has been designed to provide the knowledge of the advanced reservoir engineering concepts required for effective management and production of oil and gas reservoirs. (Outcome a) Primary Recovery Processes : (Outcomes a, b, e) o Fundamentals of reservoir engineering o Interactions of well and reservoir o Transient well test analysis o Material balance concepts and water influx o Reservoir simulation Unconventional Gas Reservoirs : (Outcomes a, j, e) o Coal-bed methane o Shale gas Reservoir simulation and history matching o Reservoir simulation Secondary Recovery Processes : (Outcomes a, e) o Water flooding o Immiscible gas flooding o Reservoir simulation Reservoir Performance Evaluation and Prediction : (Outcomes d, e, g, k) o Reservoir data acquisition and management o Introduction to reservoir simulation models o Reservoir simulation and history matching Project Presentations : (Outcomes g, i, j, k) o Computer Usage: Encouraged for all assignments and required for some assignments (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) o Use of commercial software for material balance and reservoir simulation o Design Projects: Projects include an application of material balance concepts and a field development design using simulation. o
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Syllabus - The University of Oklahoma School of Petroleum...

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