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CS106B Handout 25S Spring 2010 May 5 th , 2010 CS106B Midterm Solution Solution 1: HTML Entitles string RestoreString(string str, Map<char>& entityMap) { string translation; translation.reserve(str.size()); // optional, preallocates space // cpos stands for 'c'haracter 'pos'ition for (int cpos = 0; cpos < str.size(); cpos++) { if (str[cpos] == '&') { int scpos = str.find(';', cpos + 1); string entityCore = str.substr(cpos + 1, scpos - cpos - 1); if (entityMap.containsKey(entityCore)) { translation += entityMap[entityCore]; } else { translation += '&' + entityCore + ';'; } cpos = scpos; } else { translation += str[cpos]; } } return translation; } Criteria for Problem 1: 10 points Using either a character-oriented for loop, a Scanner , or a while loop that keeps calling string::find , processes each and every character in the supplied string: 1 point Appends a non- character, as appropriate, when it’s clear we’re not in the middle of an HTML entity: 1 point Manages to find the index of the first semicolon that appears after a : 1 point Properly extracts the core of the HTML entity—i.e. the amp of & : 2 points Replaces the full HTML entity with the corresponding character, when, of course, the entity is in the map: 1 point Leaves the substring that looks like an HTML entity in the translation when it doesn’t appear in the map: 1 point Properly advances past the HTML entity (I have cpos = scpos , but they might have
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This note was uploaded on 07/20/2010 for the course CS 443 taught by Professor Jayana during the Spring '10 term at École Normale Supérieure.

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25S-CS106B-Solution - CS106B Spring 2010 Handout 25S May...

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