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EE168 Lab/Homework #1 Introduction to Digital Image Processing Handout #3 Due: Friday, Jan. 16 We will be combining laboratory exercises with homework problems in the lab sessions for this course. In the scheduled lab times, begin working the set of material for each week. Complete as much as possible during the scheduled time, and finish the remaining material for homework. Both homework and lab results are to be written up and turned in each week, with electronic submission of data files as needed as we have discussed in class. The class web site is . When you complete the exercise, turn it in using the submit script as described on the web page. Problem 1 - Raster displays. Start the matlab application on the computer by typing matlab at the prompt. Set the default color table to black and white by entering the command: colormap(gray) Download the text file 'raster' from the class web site—the file is found under the “Homework” tab in the Homework 1 section. Place the file into your leland disk area. Type out the file and note that it is a sequence of 0's and 1's. This file is a string of data values that will form a recognizable image once it is displayed with the proper row width. Read this file into a matrix and display it on the screen using the matlab commands imagesc and axis. Information on each command can be found using the matlab help command. Save the output file and submit it using the submission script. Experiment with various lengths to see how the image is distorted if the line
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ee168lab1 - EE168 Introduction to Digital Image Processing...

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