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Philadelphia University Student Name: Faculty of Engineering Student Number: First Exam, First Semester: 2009/2010 Course Title: Mobile Communication s Date: 17/11/2009 Course No: (650539) Time Allowed: 1 Hours Lecturer: Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Qawasmi No. of Pages: 2 Question1 10 marks A hexagonal cell within a seven-cell system has a coverage area 7 sq km. In each cell allocated 2 radio channels. The total traffic intensity equals to 20 Erlangs and the average number of call requests per unit time for each user equals to three calls per hour. Compute the following: 1- The radius of the cell. 2- Supported number of users per square kilometer. 3- The traffic intensity per user if the average duration of a call is 9 minutes 4- The traffic intensity per channel. 5- The probability that a call is blocked without queuing. 6- The probability that a call is blocked after it is delayed. 7-
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ExamFirst_FirstSem_2009_2010 - Philadelphia University...

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