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Polytechnic Institute of NYU Page 1 of 6 Handout No : 1 January 26, 2012 SYLLABUS CS6143 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE II SPRING 2012 1. Professor : Haldun Hadimioglu Tel : (718) 260-3101 Fax : (718) 260-3609 haldun at photon dot poly dot edu Office : 10.009 2MTC 2. Course format : Lectures : 2.5 hours/week Lecture Section : 1277 3. Prerequisite : CS 6133 Computer Architecture I. Students who took CS 2214 at NYU-Poly can take the course 4. Course web page : Course handout files are at the course web site 5. CS6143 is a course on advanced pipelinig and parallel processing ! 6. Textbooks : a) Computer Architecture : A Quantitative Approach , 4 th edition , J. L. Hennessy and D. A. Patterson, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., 2007. Publisher’s web site, and the CD that comes with the book have a large amount of material. Students are strongly suggested that they study the web site material and the CD and print the appendices that will be used especially during the exams. Students are reminded about printing the appendices ! b) Fundamentals of Parallel Processing In addition : Students will also read other books and papers, especially on multi-core, parallel random access machine (PRAM) and single-instruction stream, multiple-data stream (SIMD) machines. 7. Professor’s message : Target l earning and thinking , not the grade nor pattern matching (problem solutions) ! Do not go for memorizing patterns (problem solutions) Knowledge is not finite nor independent pieces of patterns Knowledge is a hierarchy of unmeasurable width and depth of interconnected entitities Knowledge generates knowledge : Knowledge helps us think which leads us to discover new knowledge Knowledge also helps us solve problems by means of thinking Learning means one acquires knowledge which helps for both thinking and solving problems Lectures are interdependent and courses are interdependent
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Polytechnic Institute of NYU Page 2 of 6 CS6143 Handout No : 1 January 26, 2012 8. Benefitting from the course for the years before and after graduation : Do not go for passing the course, but learning Industry and academia look for graduates who can solve problems , are systems oriented and creative In order to accomplish those you need to have Analytical skills, synthesis skills and team work skills For these three skills, you will need to develop critical thinking and personal skills for which you need to do the following Learning is your target ! If you study past exams , without studying the book and others, you do pattern matching , not thinking ! You need to study
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