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SIMG-782 Introduction to Digital Image Processing Homework 4 – Due October 14, 2005 Instructions: Your programs can be implemented in IDL or Matlab. In either case, provide a program that can be tested. All images can be found in the Images area of the course web page. Submit your results in a .zip file to the dropbox in MyCourses. 1. Write pseudocode algorithm whose input is a pair of vectors h and g of length 256 representing the brightness count at 256 brightness levels and whose output is a point transform s = T ( r ) that will convert an image A with histogram h into an image B = T [ A ] with histogram approximately g . You should provide a way to do this even if h and g do not come from the same size images. 2. Implement and test your algorithm. (a) Equalize the image EightAM.png so that histogram g is approximately uniform. You can com- pare the results you get to those produced by the HIST_EQUAL function in IDL . (b) Match the brightness histogram for EightAM.png to the histogram for LENA.png. Your program
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