as5 - use the observed masses of the , + , K and K + to...

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Physics 253b Assignment #5 updated Tuesday 9 th March, 2010, 07:26 I’m working on adding another short problem - but start with this. 5-1 . In the chiral Lagrangian L = f 2 ± 1 4 tr ( D μ U D μ U ) + f 2 2 tr( UμM + h.c. ) + κ tr( UQU Q ) + ··· (5-1.1) as discussed in lecture, evaluate the third term (the term κ ) to second order in the GB fields and
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Unformatted text preview: use the observed masses of the , + , K and K + to evaluate m u , m d , m s and /f 2 . Then use these values to predict the mass (one could make the agreement look even better by tting, but this is easier and works pretty well). 1...
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