e71_hw1 - Stats for Strategy Fall 2008 HOMEWORK 1(Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Stats for Strategy Fall 2008 HOMEWORK 1 (Due Tuesday, Sept. 2) A. Complete the First Discussion Handout. • Print and keep the printout for your calculator from the Calculator Help website, as described in the handout. If website is busy after several attempts, instead Google instructions for your calculator for sample standard deviation . Verify that you get correct answers for ¯ x and s in Problem 2. • Log on to MINITAB from a home computer (if you have one) using Virtual Desktop. • Calculate the handout answers (using calculator or MINITAB , as directed.) Compare your answers to the answers provided by the TA in your first Discussion. If you have any questions about handout answers, MINITAB or using your calculator I recommend that you attend the Stats Help Session Friday from 2:30-3:30 in C207 PBB for individual tutoring. B. Homework Problems with Posted Solutions (14 textbook exercises) DIRECTIONS • Before beginning, please review the Notebook Appendix (pages 35-43.) Refer to the Formula Sheet (p. 44), the Appendix, and Examples we worked in class to help with homework. If you wish more review from your first Stats course beyond the Notebook Appendix, see the recommended textbook reading at the bottom of this page. • After working each problem, check your answers against the online solution and try to overcome any incorrect answers or other difficulties. Consult with other students, TA’s or professor, as needed....
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e71_hw1 - Stats for Strategy Fall 2008 HOMEWORK 1(Due...

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