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Chapter 1 part 2 - 3 Describe the Treaty of Tordesillas of...

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Bauer 1 1. Describe some factors that led to the rise of nation-states in Europe in the 15 th century. -Europe became more prosperous political authority was more centralized and the Renaissance fostered a more expansive outlook among literate people in the arts and sciences. A major element in the shift was the slow but steady growth of population after 1450. The result was a substantial rise in the price of land because now there were more mouths to feed. Landlords profited from this and this economic prosperity crated powerful new incentives for exploration and trade. Historians refer to this centralization of political authority as the New Monarchs. -The New Monarchs challenged the nobles’ autonomy; changes came slowly and in many areas violently but the results altered traditional political relationships between the nobility and the crown, and between the citizen and the state. 2. Identify Portugal’s notable maritime accomplishments in the 15 th century.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Describe the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494. Pg. 19-The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the entire world along a line located 270 leagues west of the Azores, new lands discovered west of the line belonged to Spain. The treaty failed to discourage future English, Dutch, and French adventures from trying their luck in the New World. 4. Identify Spain’s most notable voyages and discoveries in North America. Pg. 20 Paragraph 2, Pg. 21 Paragraph 2&3 Gold/ Silver-The Spanish brought Catholicism to the New World. About 250,000 Spaniards migrated to the New World during the sixteenth century. Another 200,000 made the journey between 1600 and 1650. 5. How did Spain regard its New World domain? 6. Which geographic area in North America did the French Claim and Settle? Pg 22-Quebec, Canada 1608. Essay Topic: Identify and detail social, economic, and political changes in Europe that led to the exploration and colonization of the New World. Bauer 2...
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Chapter 1 part 2 - 3 Describe the Treaty of Tordesillas of...

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