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Chapter 2 part 1 - -James issued the first charter to...

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Bauer 1 Chapter 2 1. What monarch authorized England’s first American colonial activity? - 2. Where did the English attempt to establish a settlement in the 1580s? - 3. Describe Richard Hakluyt and his importance. -Richard Hakluyt publicized explorers’ accounts of the New World, without it the dream of American colonization might have dies in England. He was a supremely industrious man his vision powerfully shaped English public opinion. A massive book titled The Principall Navigations, Voyages, and Discoveries of the English Nation. Hakluyt edited each piece so that it would drive home the books central point: England needed more colonies, it was essential to the nation’s prosperity and independence. 4. Explain Britain's objectives behind the founding and location of Jamestown.
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Unformatted text preview: -James issued the first charter to establish plantations in Virginia. The London Company was an ambitious business venture; they found a promising location more than thirty miles from the mouth of the Jamestown River. This marshy peninsula jutting out onto the river became the site for one of America’s most unsuccessful plantations. 5. Identify John Smith's importance to the Jamestown colony.-Captain John Smith was a resourceful man. Smith brought order out of anarchy, he traded with the local Indians for food, mapped the Chesapeake Bay and may have even been saved from execution by a young Indian girl. He seized control of the ruling council and instituted a tough military discipline....
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