Chapter 2 part 3

Chapter 2 part 3 - fashioned forms of address that set them...

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Bauer 1 1. What lawyer-turned-theologian was the most influential early protestant thinker? -John Calvin 2. List some notable doctrines of Calvinism. - 3. Compare the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies positions toward the church of England. - 4. Discuss the founding of Rhode Island and its two most notable early figures. -Williams religious ideas created controversy, he worked out logic of his ideas in Providence, a village he founded in what would become Rhode Island. The second individual, Anne Hutchison posed an even greater graver threat to the peace of commonwealth. Even contemporaries found her religious ideas, usually termed Antinomianism, somewhat confusing. 5. Describe the Quakers, some of their beliefs, and Pennsylvania’s founding. -Quakers saw no need for a learned ministry, since one persons interpretation of Scripture was as valid as anyone else’s. Quakers preferred being called Professors of the light or, more commonly, Friends. Quakers practiced humility; they wore simple clothes and employed old-
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Unformatted text preview: fashioned forms of address that set them apart from their neighbors. Friends refused to honor worldly position and accomplishment or to swear oaths in courts of law. They were also pacifists. Quakers never kept their thoughts to themselves. 6. From where did many of the early colonists in the Carolina come? What was Carolina’s early economic staple?-Almost half the men and women who settled in the Port Royal area came from Barbados. It was not until the 1690s that the planters came to appreciate the vaule of rice, which quickly became the colony’s staple. 7. Why was Georgia founded?-Its settlement was really an act of aggression against Spain, a country that had as good a claim to this area as did the English. Bauer 2 Essay topic: Describe and compare the British colonies of the Chesapeake and their counterparts in New England. What were their similarities and their differences?...
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Chapter 2 part 3 - fashioned forms of address that set them...

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