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Chapter 4 part 2 - Atlantic World 4 What did the Great...

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Bauer 1 1. What was the main appeal of the Enlightenment for many Americans? -The main appeal was its focus on the search for useful knowledge, ideas, and inventions that would improve the quality of human life. 2. What American most symbolized the spirit of the Enlightenment? What were some of his accomplishments? -Benjamin Franklin, his investigation with electricity brought him to world fame; he invented the lighting rod and designed a marvelously efficient stove. 3. Who were the two most important leaders of the Great Awakening in America? -The Great Awakening in Massachusetts was sparked by Jonathan Edwards, the local Congregational minister, his dynamic personality required to sustain the revival. The responsibility fell to George Whitefield who toured the colonies from New Hampshire to Georgia, he was not much of an original thinker but he was an extraordinary effective public speaker. He came to symbolize the powerful cultural forces that were transforming the
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Unformatted text preview: Atlantic World. 4. What did the Great Awakening, intercolonial trade, and the rise of the colonial assemblies have in common?- They all contributed to a growing sense of shared identity. 5. Define the make-up of the constitution in the 18 th century Great Britain.-The constitution was an object of universal admiration, the British constitution was not a formal written document. English constitution found expression in a growing body of law, court decisions and statutes. Confrontations between king and Parliament had generated new understandings about what the constitution did or did not allow. The English constitution contained three parts. The monarch was at the top, advised by handpicked court favorites. Next came the House of Lords, a body of 180 aristocrats who served with 26 Anglican bishops as the upper house of Parliament, and third was the House of Commons composed of 558 members elected by various constituencies scattered throughout the realm....
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