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Corinne Roels January 29, 2009 AP English Lit Period 3 Lit Terms # 11 Rhythm: A set of guidelines for the direction of a work’s movement or series of sounds that creates a distinctive recognizable sound that reflects a patterned tone. Example: “Here, I stop by the simple mound Of a woman who taught me Spelling on the sly, Parsing my tongue To make me fit for her own dreams. I could go on all day, Unhappily recognizing small heroes, Discontent with finding them here, Reproaches to my won failings. Uneasy, I search the names And simple mounds I call my own, Abruptly drop my wilted flowers And turn for home” ( 39-51, The Albuquerque Graveyard , Jay Wright). Function: Wright’s poem The Albuquerque Graveyard is a narrative reflection by a persona of the writer who walks through a cemetery and notices the deliberate discrimination between the privileges granted to everyone besides the African Americans represented in the cemetery. The structure of the poem evokes a feeling of sorrow or pity from the reader, though it appears to
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