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Comparison excercise - Your Name_Aya Aly First Pair Similar Images Artist Edouard Manet Title Olympia Date 1863 Medium Oil painting on Canvas Size

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Your Name: ___Aya Aly___________________ First Pair: Similar Images Artist: Edouard Manet Artist: Yasumasa Morimura Title: Olympia Title: Portrait Futago Date: 1863 Date: 1990 Medium: Oil painting on Canvas Medium: Photograph, chromogenic print, with acrylic paint and gel Size: 130.5 cm x 190 cm Size: 266 cm x 366 cm Location: Musee D, Orsay, Paris Location: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Image on the Left – Formal Analysis In Edourad Manet we first notice a naked woman on an unmade bed is the subject of Edouard Manet's 1863 painting Olympia. The painting was first unveiled in Paris in 1865 at the Salon, a place where people gathered together to admire pieces of art. The woman in the painting was a prostitute and was painted as an offering to the viewer. The objections to Olympia had more to do with the realism of the subject matter than the fact that the model was nude. While Olympia's pose had classic positioning but the subject of the painting represented a prostitute. In the painting, the maid offers the women a bouquet of flowers this was not the sort of scene previously portrayed in the art of that
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period. Also in Manet’s Olympia , the woman is wearing simple gold shoes on the bed and nothing on her left and right hand while having a flower in her hair. Also this painting the black maid is really dark that she blends with the back ground. We also might not notice the cat black cat on the bed for the same reason but when we give a look at the cat we see how it feels uncomfortable. Image on the Right – Formal Analysis Meanwhile in Yasumasa Morimura painting Portrait Futago we might not notice at first that he places himself as both the nude Olymia and the black maid. The woman in this painting is almost sitting the same exact way. She is also posing in the same way. Having a flower in her hair and wear shoes on the bed compares a lot to Manet’s painting. The black cat seems very calm while it has its left paw in the air. The skin colors of both women, black and white contrast significantly. The white woman and the African colors of the two women aren’t as exaggerated. The white woman seems peachier and not as light and the black woman seems not as black and you can see her
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Comparison excercise - Your Name_Aya Aly First Pair Similar Images Artist Edouard Manet Title Olympia Date 1863 Medium Oil painting on Canvas Size

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