A population of 80 million

A population of 80 million - A labor force of 26 million...

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A population of 80 million, with 33 percent 14 or younger An unemployment rate of 9.7 percent 20 percent of the population living below the poverty line Experienced a three-fold increase in the number of malnourished children under the age of five since 2000, with the number at 1.5 million in 2008 A literacy rate over 71 percent, with males at 83 percent and females at 59.4 percent
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Unformatted text preview: A labor force of 26 million, with 32 percent working in agriculture, 17 percent in industry, and 51 percent in the service sector. More than 20 million Internet users, ranking the country 21st in the world, and 55 million cell phone users, which is 19th in the world. A religious population that is 90 percent Muslim, 9 percent Coptic, and 1 percent Christian....
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