Aya Aly- social issues first assignment

Aya Aly- social issues first assignment - Aya Aly My notes:...

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Aya Aly My notes: Gross national product- annual measure of goods and services produced in a country. Including the country’s exports and imports. Unions- represent workers in a work place. - Union densisities- members in a union - 12 % belong to unions Output mix- scale of products goods to service goods/ Composition of work force- 1970s and after the growth of women in work force and immigrants Financial crises of 2007-08: monopoly banks giving loans to people to buy houses they could not afford. - Government gets bellied out but the poor people do not. Video – Charles Ferguson’s (2010) film: inside job This film talks about the completely fake and dishonest actions of the major banks. Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and other investment banks, started to use these credit default swaps. They sold mortgage securities to people which had high ratings even when they knew what they were selling was worthless. They knew this because their own analysts told them so, who also said or did nothing
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