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jorunal 2 - human behavior” “Qualitative research...

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Research methodology is where you describe how you are going to gather information and methods, for example this can be survey interview, litterateur review etc. Then for each you explain each method and what they are, also what you will do in each method. There are four basic types of research used in sociology; exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, and evaluative. Exploratory research is done to answer the question of “what”. Descriptive research answers the questions of “what” and “who”. Explanatory research answers the questions of “what”, “how”, and “why”. Evaluative research evaluates the effectiveness of a program. Six methods of research design are used by sociologists. These six methods are broken down as to whether the method is a quantitative research design or a qualitative research design. “Quantitative research designs emphasize the use of numbers and statistics to analyze and explain social events and
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Unformatted text preview: human behavior”. “Qualitative research designs use systematic observation and focus on the meanings people give to their social actions”. Quantitative Research Designs Secondary analysis is the method that uses data that has been collected by others, such as information from the U.S. Census. The advantage to secondary analysis is it saves time and cuts expenses of the data collection. Something very controversial I noticed was for example the freedom house was a group that tracks and monitors human rights, but meanwhile they ranked Israeli the only Free State in the Middle East. They judge freedom on different aspects like Religious freedom in Islam, Religious freedom under communism and gay rights around the world. But that doesn’t perfectly make sense because the Palestine’s in Israeli never felt freedom and only felt occupied. But that just proves the point that their measurement might be limited, inaccurate, or biased....
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