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NAME:____KEY _______________ BIO230 – Human Physiology Lab Quiz #2 1. The knee-jerk reflex is what type of reflex? _________ Monosynaptic reflex (pg 101 and notes)__________ 2. Cross-extensor reflex (pg 101 and notes) is when? ____ A reflex in which the sensory impulses may travel longitudinally and transversely within the gray mater, stimulating other motor neurons is known as.___________________ 3. The ______ reflex is elicited by cutaneous receptors of the foot. a. Ankle-jerk b. Plantar (pg 103 and notes) c. Achilles d. Biceps 4. How many synapses are involved in the knee-jerk reflex? a. 4 b. 3 c. 2 d. 1 (pg 101 and notes) 5. What is Babinski’s sign? extension of great toe and lateral fan of the other toes (pg 103 and notes) 6. _____ is when the source of nerve stimulation is different from the location of the stimulus. a. referred pain (pg 110 and notes) b. two-point threshold c. punctate distribution d. sensory adaptation 7. Where would you expect to see largest areas (most dense) of sensory receptors? ___fingers, face
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