Exam1F08 - Exam 1, Fall 2008, Fuller 1. An example of an...

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Exam 1, Fall 2008, Fuller 1. An example of an organ system is a. the areolar system, b. the heart system, c. the integumentary system, d. the kidney system. 2. The main advantage of MRI over other medical imaging technique is a. safety, b. the patient feels less pain during the treatment than with other techniques, c. it is very inexpensive, d. it shows soft tissues behind bone very clearly. 3. The medical technique, CT-scan, utilizes a) X rays, b) radio waves, c) the magnetic field of the earth, d) heat waves, e) radioactive decay. 4. Surface structures of epithelia such as cilia are found on the a. basal surface, b. basement membrane, c. apical surface, d. keratin surface. 5. Blood vessels that supply epithelial tissues are located a. in the epithelium, b. in the basement membrane, c. in the lumen, d. in the basal connective tissue. 6. The subtype of tissue that functions in expansion (stretching) is a. transitional, b. adipose, c. squamous, d. cuboidal. 7. The most likely place to find simple squamous epithelium is a. on surfaces that receive a lot of friction, b. where diffusion occurs, c. where secretion occurs, d. in mucous membranes. 8. The type of gland that secretes products such as milk and sweat through a duct is a a. endocrine gland, b. exocrine gland, c. goblet cell, d. none of the above. 9. Which of the following cell type is found in many connective tissues? A. squamous cell, b. osteocyte, c. adipocyte, d. neuron. 10. The protein collagen is a. strong, b. stretchy, c. specialized to carry nervous signals, d. all of these. 11. All of the following are present in areolar connective tissue except a. mast cells, b. elastic fibers, c. ground substance, d. chondrocytes. 12. One property of dense irregular connective tissue is that it a. is very tough, and flexes in only one direction, b. stretches extensively, c. is flexible in several directions, d. captures and retains water. 13.
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Exam1F08 - Exam 1, Fall 2008, Fuller 1. An example of an...

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