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Home Work 11 1. In each case, graph the line that passes through the given points, give the slope and y-intercept for each line, and find the equations of the lines а. (1,1) and (5,5) b. (0,3) and (3,0) c. (-1,1) and (4,2) d. (-6,-3) and (2,6) 2. Plot the following lines, and give the slope and y-intercept for each line а. у = 4 + x b. у = 5 - 2x с. у = -4 + 3х d. у = -2x е. у = -2 x f. у = .50 + 1.5 x 3. Is the number of games won by a major league baseball team in a season related to the team's batting average? The information in the table, found in the Baseball Almanac (2003), shows the number of games won and the batting averages for the 8 teams in the American League for the 2002 Major League Baseball season.
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Unformatted text preview: Team Games Won Batting Ave. New York Toronto Baltimore Boston Tampa Bay Cleveland Detroit Chicago 103 78 67 93 55 74 55 81 .275 .261 .246 .277 .253 .249 .248 .268 a. If you were to model the relationship between the mean (or expected) number of games won by a major league team and the team's batting average x , using a straight line, would you expect the slope of the line to be positive or negative? Explain. b. Construct a scattergram of the data. Does the pattern revealed by the scattergram agree with your answer to part a ? c. Write the equation of the least squares line. d. Graph the least squares line on your scattergram. Does your least squares line seem to fit the points on your scattergram?...
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