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Home Work 13 1. Work standards specify time, cost, and efficiency norms for the performance of work tasks. They are typically used to monitor job performance. In the distribution center of McCormick and Co., Inc., data were collected to develop work standards for the time to assemble or fill customer orders (Production and Inventory Management Journal, 1991). The table below contains data for a random sample of 9 orders. Time (mins.) Order Size (cases)
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Unformatted text preview: 27 36 15 34 71 255 35 103 8 4 60 555 3 6 10 60 10 96 a. Construct a scattergram for these data and interpret it. b. Fit a least squares line to these data using time as the dependent variable. c. In general, we would expect the mean time to an order to increase with the size of the order. Do the data support this theory? Test using α = .05 d. Find a 95% confidence interval for the mean time to fill an order consisting of 150 cases....
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