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A–12 A Summary of Selected Reports on Education Reform Title Source Data The Paideia Proposal Mortimer Adler for the Twenty-two members contributed to (1982) Paideia Group a philosophical analysis of educa- tional needs. A Nation at Risk: The Im- The National Commission Eighteen political and educational perative for Educational on Excellence in leaders commissioned papers and re- Reform (1983) Education—U.S. viewed available materials, including Department of Education national and international test scores. American’s Competitive Business—Higher Sixteen representatives of business Challenge: The Need for Education Forum and higher education reviewed ex- a Response (1983) pert opinions and past surveys. Action for Excellence: A Task Force of the Educa- Forty-one governors, legislators, la- Comprehensive Plan to tion Commission of the bor leaders, business leaders, and Improve Our Nation’s States, chaired by Gover- school board members collected data Schools (1983) nor James Hunt and interpreted results. Academic Preparation Education Equality Two hundred high school and college for College: What Stu- Project—The College teachers and college board members dents Need to Know and Board collected and interpreted test results. Be Able to Do (1983) Making the Grade Twentieth-Century Fund Eleven members of state, local, and (1983) Task Force on Federal Ele- higher education organizations re- mentary and Secondary viewed research studies. Education Policy Educating Americans for National Science Board Commission members and others the 21st Century: A Re- Commission on Pre- reviewed a number of professional port to the American College Education in association, business, and other People and the National Mathematics, Science and education programs. Science Board (1983) Technology The Good High School: Sara Lawrence Lightfoot Field study of six private and public Portraits of Character schools. and Culture (1983) High School: A Report The Carnegie Foundation Ernest Boyer chaired a national panel on Secondary Education for the Advancement of of educators and citizens, which re- in America (1983) Teaching viewed past research and undertook field studies in public high schools. A Place Called School John Goodlad Presents observations of and re- (1983) sponses to questionnaires adminis- tered in schools over an eight-year period. sad77723_app3.qxd
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