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ELEMENTARY CHEMISTRY FALL 2011, CAÑADA COLLEGE CHEM 210 AC – CRN 92633 Prof. Tricca – Chem 210, Fall 2011 SYLLABUS General Information Instructor: Dr. Bob Tricca (aka. Prof. Tricca) E-mail: [email protected] Class Website: SMCCD Web Access - Class documents (e.g., syllabus, class schedule, practice tests, practice problems, answer keys, and other relevant information, etc.) will be posted on the class website accessible via Web Access. Class documentation is subject to changes and it is your responsibility to ensure that you possess the most recent material. Meeting Times Lecture: T, Th in Bldg. 18, RM 319 from 9:45 – 11:00 am Lab: T, Th in Bldg. 18, RM 305 from 11:10 – 2:00 pm Office Hours: Held on T, Th @ 9:00 – 9:45 am in Bldg. 9, 2 nd Floor, Learning Center and immediately following lab. My Office: RM 310 Phone Number: (650) 306-3421 Prerequisites: Chem 192 recommended. Math 120 or 123 Final Examination: 11:10 – 1:40 pm, Thursday, December 13 Course Materials Text: Chemistry the Central Science, Custom Edition for Cañada College, 11 th edition, Volume 1 with access code for “Mastering Chemistry” module. Access code is located in front cover of textbook. Internet access (for Mastering Chemistry module). Laboratory Manual: All lab experiments/assignments will be posted on the Web Access class website.
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Prof. Tricca – Chem 210, Fall 2011 2 Laboratory Notebook: Spiral bound or loose leaf notebook for recording lab data. Safety Goggles: purchased in the bookstore Spiral bound notebook for doing calculations in class Scientific calculator (bring to every class): Any good calculator (TI30X, my favorite, $12.00) that has exponential or scientific notation, logarithms and square root function key keys. Don’t spend a lot of money on a calculator that you can’t figure out how to use by the first day. Only scientific calculators are permitted in class for carrying out calculations during exams. All other portable electronic device (i.e., cellphones, Blackberry’s, laptops, etc) are forbidden! Course Format We will cover chapters 1 through 11 in the textbook. The lectures are designed to give you a foundation of the chemical concepts. I will be setting aside time in lecture to work problems from in-class handouts and homework assignments. Quizzes along with homework and lab assignments will be used to assess student learning. Additional details are provided below: Quizzes – There are eight scheduled quizzes. Your lowest quiz score will be dropped. Quizzes are given immediately following the completion of each chapter or chapters. Quizzes consist of multiple choice questions and problem solving where you show your work. Typically, quizzes consist of 10-15 questions and are either paper or computer based. Scantron forms are not necessary for taking quizzes in this course.
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