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DIRECTIONS FOR REGISTERING IN MASTERING CHEMISTRY Fall 2011 CHEMISTRY 210, CAÑADA COLLEGE, CRN 92633 Course ID : CH210MC92633 1. Register for MasteringChemistry Go to and click New Students under Register. To register using the Student Access Code located inside the MasteringChemistry Student Access Kit, click Yes, I have an access code . –OR-- Purchase access online: Click No, I need to purchase access online now and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase access using a credit card or other method. (The purchase path includes registration, but the process differs from the steps here.) License Agreement and Privacy Policy Click I Accept to indicate that you have read and agree to both the license agreement and privacy policy. Do you have a Pearson Education account? If you have NEVER done online homework, chances are you DO NOT have a Pearson Account. Therefore, when asked if you have a Pearson Account choose NO . You will be asked to specify a Login Name and Password, and then to confirm
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This note was uploaded on 02/06/2012 for the course BIO 210 taught by Professor Tricca during the Fall '11 term at Canada College.

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MasteringChemistry_Student_Registration - DIRECTIONS FOR...

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