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Chapter 2 Practice Worksheet Isotopes 21. Give the mass number of each of the following atoms: (a) an iron atom with 30 neutrons (b) an americium atom with 148 neutrons (c) a tungsten atom with 110 neutrons 23. Give the complete symbol ( X A Z ) for each of the following atoms: (a) nitrogen with 8 neutrons (b) zinc with 34 neutrons (c) xenon with 75 neutrons 25. How many electrons, protons, and neutrons are there in an atom of: (a) carbon-13, C 13 (b) copper-63, Cu 63 (c) bismuth-205, Bi 205 27. Fill in the blanks in the table (one column per element). Symbol Cu 65 Kr 86 Number of protons 78 Number of neutrons 117 46 Number of electrons in the neutral atom 36 Name of element 29. Radioactive americium-241 is used in household smoke detectors and in bone mineral analysis. Give the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons in an atom of americium-241.
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Unformatted text preview: 31. Which of the following are isotopes of element X, with atomic number of 9: X 19 9 , X 20 9 , X 9 18 , and X 21 9 . 33. Verify that the atomic mass of magnesium is 24.31 amu, given the following information: Mg 24 , mass = 23.985042 amu; percent abundance = 78.99% Mg 25 , mass = 24.985837 amu; percent abundance = 10.00% Mg 26 , mass = 25.982593 amu; percent abundance = 11.01% 35. Copper has two stable isotopes, Cu 63 and Cu 65 , with masses of 62.939598 amu and 64.927793 amu, respectively. Calculate the percent abundances of these isotopes of copper. 37. Strontium has four stable isotopes, Strontium-84 has a very low natural abundance, but Sr 86 , Sr 87 , and Sr 88 are all reasonably abundant. Which of these more abundant isotopes predominates?...
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