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Finished Report Guidelines for Lab Experiment #8 Follow the steps below to prepare your finished lab report. Your report should contain the sections listed below in the exact exact order they are listed. Page 1) Title (front) page (typed) a) Experiment title b) Your name c) Date experiment conducted d) Chemistry 210, Canada College, Fall Session, 2011 Beginning on page 2, generate a typed data summary table as shown below. Include the value for your calorimeter constant below the table. Label this part “Section I – Data Summary Table” Acid/base RX T H T C q absorbed by H 2 O q absorbed by cup ∆H neut. ∆H neut/mol reactant Value for calorimeter constant __________________________ Below your data summary table begin a new section labeled “Section II – Calculations.” In this section show the following calculations;
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Show calculations for determination of your calorimeter constant (typed or neatly handwritten). 2) Show full calculations for one of your three neutralization reactions (you may select anyone you wish). This calculation should show q water , q cup , ∆H neut and ∆H neut/mol reactant. Make sure you include corrections for the density of salt water and the specific heat of salt water. This calculation may be typed or neatly hand written. Below section II, begin a new section labeled “Section III – Post Lab Questions.” In this section, provide answers to the following pre-lab questions listed in your handout: Prelab question #1 – Write balanced molecular, ionic and net ionic equations for part a, c and d. Prelab question #4 – Answer all parts, a-e, for this question....
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