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Guidelines for Lab Experiment #3 Finished Report Follow the steps below to prepare your finished lab report. Your report should contain the sections listed below in the exact order they are listed. Page 1) Title (front) page (typed) a) Experiment title b) Your name c) Date experiment conducted d) Chemistry 210, Canada College, Fall Session, 2011 Page 2) Include your data table on page 2. This should be in spreadsheet form, use Excel. It should be typed and contain all relevant masses, i.e., mass of substances and apparatus used. Page 3) Show the calculations you used to arrive at the empirical formula. This part may be either
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Unformatted text preview: hand written or typed. At the bottom of the page show the empirical formula for the copper sulfide compound. Write a balanced equation for the synthesis of copper sulfide from copper and sulphur. Page 4) Conclusions (typed) – use any resource you wish to find the empirical formula for copper sulfide. Compare the formula from the literature to the formula you determined. If they are different then provide reasons that account for the differences. Page 5) Answers to questions – Provide answers to the questions on page 2-10. These may be handwritten or typed....
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