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Test-Taking Tricks True / False o Beware of qualifiers: always, all, none, never. These make statements false. Usually, sometimes, generally, frequently will usually make a statement true. o Look at the length. For a statement to be true, all of the statement must be true. The longer the statement, the more chance that part of it is false. o Be aware of false logic: Two statements that are true may be linked with a word that makes them false. Watch for that connecting word. E.g. “The U.S. space shuttle program is famous because there was a shuttle crash.” The shuttle program is famous, and there was a shuttle crash, but the crash is not what made the program famous. The because makes the statement false. o Guess if you don’t know the answer. You have a 50% change of being correct. Multiple Choice o Eliminate the answer(s) that is (are) obviously incorrect. Instructors often structure a multiple-choice question with one statement that is obviously incorrect. Cross that one out. o Read the directions to see if the questions call for more than one answer. o Read the question carefully. The question may say “Which is not an example of…,” “Which is the incorrect answer…,” or “Choose the best answer….” o Read all the choices. You may believe that the first option is the correct one. Read the remaining options anyway. The most correct one may be further down. o
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Test_Taking_Tricks - Test-Taking Tricks True / False o...

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