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TBA Workshop, Library Research Paper Name: __________________________ Class ___________________________ Instructor _______________________ LIBR Research Paper 1. Read this short article about the swine flu: Title: The Moment Magazine: Time Author: Alice Park. Volume: 174 Issue: 15 Date: Oct 19, 2009 Page: 11. (It’s a one page article) Database: Gale General OneFile . It just tickled a bit, said the first recipients of the 2009 H1N1 flu-vaccine nasal spray, which rolled off production lines into cities including New York and Chicago this week, just in time for the official start of the influenza season on Oct. 4. Not everyone who wanted the vaccine got it, though. Only 2.4 million of the government's total order of 251 million doses were released. That isn't nearly enough to satisfy even the early adopters--especially since states like New York have mandated flu vaccinations for all health-care workers. But federal health officials decided on frequency over mass, shipping vaccine lots as soon as they're
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