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The Color of Water Unit 2 Homework Schedule for English/Reading 836 BZ2 You are responsible for knowing what is due on each day, and coming to class prepared. If are absent, go to WebAccess to get the handouts you missed. The assignments are DUE at the beginning of class on the date listed . Assignments Due Monday Assignments Due Wednesday Week 6: 9/19 Read The Color of Water ch. 1-4 and take notes based on questions assigned in class Webaccess: Go to: grammar exercises online for UNIT 4: CHAPTER 20 (Run-ons) and complete any 3 multiple choice exercises, then email me your scores. 9/21 Read Color of Water ch. 5& 6 and take double entry notes (refer to pages 30-31 on double- entry note-taking in course reader) Week 7: 9/26 Read chapters IN CLASS VOCABULARY ESSAY #1 TYPED LIST OF 30 WORDS + DEFINITIONS DUE. (refer to page 7 in course reader for more information) 9/28 Read Color of Water For each chapter, write one of each type of question (refer to page 34 in course reader) and
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