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Unit 1 Homework Schedule for English/Reading 836 Malavade Fall 11 Keep this in a safe and accessible place. You are responsible for knowing what is due on each day, and coming to class prepared. The assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date listed . Assignments Due Monday Assignments Due Wednesday Week 2: 8/22: intake questionnaire on Webaccess Buy required materials Read syllabus carefully and answer questions on handout 8/24: Reading: annotate both articles: Atkin/Lopez and Lee : then outline both articles (2 outlines) — Use the “outlining format” (page 4-5 in course pack ) Writing: Read and complete pages 37-43 in course pack on PIE paragraphs Week 3: 8/29: Reading/Writing: annotate Oakes article and answer questions in course pack pg 10 And start vocabulary log in binder Last Day to Drop with Partial Refund 8/31: Reading: complete paraphrasing practice (pg 11-14 in course pack) Writing: Read/Review pages 43-46 in
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Unformatted text preview: coursepack and Complete Pre-writing worksheet and outline for essay 1 (Education essay) Week 4: 9/5: NO CLASS: Holiday 9/9 is the last day to drop without a “W” 9/7: Reading : annotate and outline Hayasaki article (handout): Use outline format in course pack (p 4) Writing: Peer Review in class: BRING WITH YOU typed and printed rough draft (min. 1 page) Week 5: 9/12: Education essay final draft due (turn in with rough drafts and outlines in pocket folder). ESSAY IS DUE AT 8:10 AM and will be CONSIDERED LATE AFTER THAT. 9/14: Unit 1 Reading Test in class today: You must have a well organized binder with you. Also due: Reading: Vocabulary log check (you should have at least 15 words and definitions by now) Writing: Complete online grammar diagnostic test (through WebAccess) You must bring your copy of the book, The Color of Water, to class. ( start Unit 2)...
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