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scavenger hunt 1. Where is the health center located and what are some of the services provided for you there? Go visit it and pick up a free brochure (any that you think are interesting). 2. Where is the Student Life Office and what services does it provide? 3. Where are the EOPS offices located and what does EOPS do? Who can join? (pick up a brochure or flyer from them if you can) 4. Where is MESA located and what is it all about? (pick up a brochure or flyer from them if you can) 5. Where is Psychological Services located and what type of services does it provide? Is
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Unformatted text preview: there a cost? (pick up a brochure or flyer from them if you can) 6. Leave a note in Kiran’s and Alison’s mailbox in 2-209. (write something nice!) What office is right next door? 7. Where is TRIO located and what does it stand for? What does it do? 8. Go get a library card. (If you already have one, then trade this task for one from another team) 9. Find out how to get a Student ID card (hint: ask at the Student Life Office)....
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